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AEC Lataste, Cambodia: Vocational training program successfully started

31 Jul, 2015

By the end of January 2015 the hosting house construction, funded by the Air France and Heloise Charruau foundations, was completed.  The first youngsters of the Vocational Training arrived by the end of February. Many of them were already enrolled into the vocational training program since January, but not yet living in our hosting structure. Properly blessed by monks as any new building in Cambodia should be, the hosting house received the first students by late February. A few students live close by the shop they learn the trade, and have thus decided to stay with their families and not move in to our hosting structure. We still have some free rooms to host the next students.

Almost all available places in the program have been taken (14 of 15) by Khmer students in the Banteay Meanchey province region. The last student to join the program is Chhunleng CHAMNAN, in motorcycle repair. At the same time, we decided to stop supporting Chanthorn NGOUN since she was not properly attending the training, and as a consequence her skills weren’t improving. In the beginning of July, we will sign a new contract with Sophea NEM from Battambang province, who was already supported by another program of our NGO. She stopped going to school a few months ago but she really wanted to do an embellishment vocational training to earn money and support her family. Her family was not able to pay for her vocational training, so we decided to support her. Then, from beginning of July she will be our 15th student.

Since the enrollment of students was made throughout the first months, the expenses have not been as high as expected. In addition, families are encouraged to contribute, since it engages more support for the student and lowers the students’ living expenses for the Association. After careful analysis on a per case basis, each student receives a tailored stipend (from 20 to 40 $) depending on family conditions and whether they live with their families or in our hosting structure. Students also get a small salary from their course supervisor. We will probably support one or two additional students for 2015 with the resources left.