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AEC Lataste - updates on traineeships

29 Jan, 2016

In the end of December 2015, 9 trainees have left our program, but we will go on with the follow-up. For the ones who learnt embellishment, the “wedding season” from November to March is a busy time, when they can get more work. Some of them help their former instructors when they need them. Thus, they get some good additional incomes to their other activities (helping in family business or working in a small shop). Some others chose embellishment as their main activity and go from one wedding to another, working with friends or former instructor, sometimes willing to open their own business later.

  • Chantha CHORN, Mom TEM and Mary SENG completed their embellishment training
  • Sreyvin VAI, Sopab YON and Sinal HOURT completed their sewing training. Sreyvin opened her own workshop in her village, in front of her house. She had already saved some money so we only helped her with a 200$ grant to finish building the room and buy some extra material like fabric and patter. Sinal works home, sewing regular clothes for men and women and also making school uniforms. Sopab stays at her boss shop and works for her.
  • Chanthorn NGOUN and Sophea NEM didn’t complete our program. Chanthorn left in May because of a disagreement with her trainer and a lack of diligence and seriousness. As for Sophea, our youngest candidate and former beneficiary of our Childhood Protection Program, she had a bad behaviour towards her instructor and made a big mistake. Even the owner of the shop tried her best, she couldn’t keep her as a trainee in the current conditions.
  • Kakada completed his training on phone repair and decided to go back to school and try to pass his final exam. He plans to open his own retail business (phone spare parts) in few years.

In total seven students continue their training program and plan to finish it in 

  • Lai ONG, who learnt embellishment for wedding, was supposed to finish her training at the end of September 2015. But she was actually very busy with her second job (selling breakfast in the morning at the market), so she couldn’t develop all the skills she needed. So we decided her to reintegrate our program so she can train some more months in 2016.
  • Lang CHEA started her training beginning of 2015 but she had to leave the program in May, for temporary time. We’ve already paid for her inscription fees. She plans to come back in 2016 so she can complete her training.
  • Sreypech KONG and Sali REARN are going to finish their training beginning of 2016. They both want to start their own activity in their hometown village, but they have to save some money first. We provided them with some basic material so they can go on and train at home.
  • As for Chhonleng CHAMNAN, Phanet CHHOEURN and Banha VANG, who study motor repair, we also provided them with some material, so they don’t have to borrow their boss tools. They are more and more independent and can ensure full care of some repairs, in the shop where they are trained. When they will leave our program, they could take their tools with them

Eight more candidates are going to join our program in January 2016.