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Desert Bloom Widows And Orphans

10 Dec, 2015

Progress made

A number of schools in Obunga slums registered cases of pupils who had dropped and were either loitering in Kisumu city streets or picking scrap metals on school days.
The area government administrator has committed support to Desert Bloom from any interference because of the nature and impact of the feeding program in Obunga slums. He has openly confessed in public forums of drastic reductions of children spending school days in cinema halls within Obunga and thanked the organization supporting the feeding program through Desert Bloom (we will ask him to do this in writing to McKinsey For Children).
Absenteeism in local schools because of lack of lunch has reduced, some schools recorded zero absenteeism from children under our feeding program and time keeping by the children was also noted.
New registration of girl children including teenage mothers who had dropped in local schools through our persuasions was also realized.


The teachers in all public schools in Kenya went on strike for two weeks in January 2015 and there was no learning even though the children were in schools and coming for lunch. This will interfere with the budget we gave McKinsey For Children because the government has increased the life time of term two by two weeks to cover the time lost for the syllabus. We kindly put this to you for consideration as we never expected it to happen.
Girls in puberty find it difficult to attend classes during the normal menstrual cycle. We have experienced this twice on our feeding days when a seat had blood from one of or girls who only realized her clothes was soiled after taking her meal. We hope this will a problem of the past one day. Currently only thirteen girls in our program face this normal challenge.
We have only admitted two new cases in our fixed program now because their parents died in the hands of terrorists in north eastern part of Kenya where terrorism activities have left so many dead (Christians). Some cases of orphans are extreme and government officials do present them to us for help.