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First Alumni Party for Sala Bai and new dormitories for the school

30 Aug, 2017

It’s the summer at Salai Bai… But this doesn’t mean that the school isn’t buzzing! After the graduation ceremony of our 108 students – who have all successfully passed their exams and received their national diploma – the school staff is busy preparing the start of the year with the 16th intake.

Only a few weeks after graduation, almost all students have all already found a permanent position in the numerous 4 or 5 stars hotels of Siem Reap. This will dramatically change their fate, but also the one of their family. Students all come from families with a yearly income below $500 (for the whole family) and the average salary of our students this year is ~$120/month.

On September 4th, Sala Bai will welcome 120 new students, 12 more than last year. This year, the school received 393 applications for the 120 positions. The interest and the motivation to attend the school are very high, and not only around Siem Reap but also across Cambodia.

Highlights from the past months include the first Alumni Party and the purchase of the land to build new dormitories.

300 people, including 250 alumni joined the alumni party. The objective of this gathering is to create a strong alumni network to facilitate internship and shop placements, encourage mentorship and also provide a structure to “give back” to Sala Bai, be it financially, or by donating some time to give hotel tours where they work in or to give talks to current students on how they approached their first employment, dos and don’ts…. Many alumni registered to the official association that has been created and 6 bikes were even donated to the new intake.

The purchase of the land happened in April and the construction of the new dormitories is shaping very nicely. The purchase of the land was crucial to reduce the financial risks linked to increasing rents in Siem Reap and it will allow the students to be closer to the school.

If you’re ever in Siem Reap, don’t hesitate to go visit Sala Bai. The lunch is absolutely worth the little side trip out of Siem reap (5 min from the center by tuk tuk) and you’ll be able to see the great education that Sala Bai is providing!