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First group of students graduates with McKinsey for Children scholarships

20 Nov, 2019

SADIL-TOGO is proud to announce that the first 6 out of 10 students from the class of 2015-2016 have graduated. Even more exciting news is that most have already found a job! For example, Mounirou Youhassana Atti obtained his degree in Accountancy and is now working in a company for Electronics in Tchamba. Widadatou Inoussa completed her degree in Administration & Management and is now working for the national telecom operator Togocel in Koussountou. SADIL-TOGO aims to provide children from underprivileged situations with the education required to find a job and earn a sustainable income. A university or technical education, funded by McKinsey for Children, is one of the last crucial steps in achieving this objective.

Ambali Mele Yacoubou, who is one of the students of the 2015-2016 class, says: In 2008, SADIL-TOGO selected me for their “Education Pour Tous” programme, which offered me the chance to complete my secondary school. I then got the opportunity to start my studies in Political Science and Communication at the University of Kara and I graduated this year. I want to thank McKinsey for Children for the scholarship, which provided me with the required funding to pay for e.g., tuition, books, rent, so I could completely focus on my studies.

The following class of 2016-2017, consisting of 12 students, is also making good progress: 3 students have graduated. Samoundine Atarouwa and Ladi Tchagbele were one of the very few women in their Engineering studies, and both successfully completed their degree this year. About 6 students are still waiting for their final results of their exams.

Rachidi Balèdé Yakoubou, part of the 2016-2017 class, says: As part of the SADIL-TOGO programme “Education Pour Tous”, I completed by secondary school in 2015. With support from McKinsey for Children, I was able to start my studies in Computer & Network Maintenance at the Technical School in Sokodé. I am proud to say that I finished my studies this year. I am currently building a new business: I am starting a computer maintenance centre in Tchamba. Thank you for the support! The studies have prepared me well for a job in the IT sector.

Last but not least, the class of 2018-2019 is making good progress as well. Our 4 students are waiting for their final exam results.