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Hope for children - Report September 2015

10 Dec, 2015

1. General introduction: the project provides education and basic support for orphaned and impoverished children

The project provides education and basic support for ~115 orphaned and impoverished children aged 6 to 16 years.
It provides three main areas of support in the communities of Tirnova, Taul, and Cernoleuca in the rural north of Moldova:

  • Afternoon-care with homework support, additional education, hygiene support, games and other activities
  • Free meals at school to increase school attendance of the extremely poor
  • Family visits to check on the families’ and the kids’ conditions and provide basic support

The yearly cost per child amounts ~EUR 400. The project was initiated in 2009 and is planned to run until at least mid-2018

2. Current progress and activities

  • Summer camp – it was of the best time of the  year for the kids. Their program was filled with sports, games ,crafts, English lessons, swiming pool ....
  • Visiting and helping the families with German  teens.
  • Renovation of the building for a new project in Cernoleuca.Renovated the toilets, heating system, the rooms for lessons, the roof.

3. Upcoming events and next steps

  • Continue to support for 115 children from three locations (Tirnova ,Taul and Cernoleuca) with daily lunch, after school program and family support
  • September – to help these children in starting the school year with all their needed  school suplies
  • To continue at the third location (Cernoleuca, started in September 2015 for 28 children)
  • September – November, to visit all families that have children in our project and to identify better their needs in purpose to help them in an efficient way.

4. Current example for project impact – Pavel Bordeiini

Pavel Bordeinii  is a 11-year-old  boy from Tau. He comes from a very poor family. His father is addicted to alcohol. Both parents do not have a job. His mother sometimes is working for other peoples.
When Pavel started school he was rejected. Then the teacher rated him as a unable to learn. After this nobody tried to teach him to write and read. He got to think about himself that he is useless and never being able to learn. Pavel came in our project when he was in the third form. After months and months of working with him, he started to read slowly.
Now he is in fifth form. Pavel can write and read . More than this he understood that he is very special and appreciated. 
We hope that Pavel will continue to progress, and become someone with great porposes in his life.

5. Local project team: 7 social workers