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Impressions from Cambodia visit

20 Apr, 2017

In March 2017, our colleague Jutta Schrötgens visited the projects from AEC Lataste and Sala Bai in Cambodia during her vacation. Here are a few of her impressions:

“Our visit of the AEC Lataste project was scheduled with the project coordinators, so we spent a full day at the premises. Not only did we get an overall picture of the organizations’ projects in Sisophon (elementary school support, foster families) but of course we also visited some of the current and former apprentices that McKinsey for Children has been supporting.

Sala Bai also offers vocational training for jobs in the hospitality sector. On the training compound, they also have a little training hotel in Siem Reap. We spent two nights there and met a couple of the students who didn’t know we were with one of the sponsors of the school.

For both projects I can tell you that our help there is much needed. The country is still very poor and corruption doesn’t contribute to its development either. None of the youngsters in both programs could probably afford this kind of education with our help. They seem very grateful and also eager to successfully complete their education.”