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Quaterly School Progress Report

10 Dec, 2015

CARE Today

CARE is running 257 schools at present and educating over 175,000 students nationwide. CARE has pioneered a unique partnership of the private and public sectors for providing free quality education to the masses. In 1998, stemming from the success achieved by CARE private schools, the City District Government of Lahore offered CARE to adopt 10 of the failed government-run schools. Today, CARE runs over 232 government adopted schools and manages a Teacher Training Centre in Shadman, Lahore where teachers are constantly being trained. CARE also runs a College Scholarship Scheme that presently supports over 750 students in higher education. CARE runs 78 Access to English Language Centers and an Enterprise Development Centre.

Education in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks second highest in the world in the number of children out of school, 25 million. 7 million of these children are of primary school age and will never see the inside of a school. Millions of children are out of school not because their parents do not want them to study, but due to unavailability of schools, teachers and books.

Your Contribution

The generous support of concerned individuals like you allows thousands of children to attend school and have an equal opportunity at leading a successful life. Thank you for your generous contributions to sponsor the school. Your support has allowed us to improve the infrastructure of this school and provide a better learning environment for delivering quality education.

Through your support CARE is running CARE High School # 6, Gujranwala and educating 408 students. The school was built in 2002 and since then there has been a considerable increase in enrollment. The high quality of education being taught at the school has also helped to reduce the number of dropouts. Extra-Curricular activities are also regularly organized at the school in order to enhance the student’s skills and improve their confidence.

Together we are transforming lives and building futures but without your continuous support, it just wouldn’t be possible. CARE’s goal is to provide quality education to every child in Pakistan and we are grateful to you for recognizing our efforts and supporting us in our commitment.


CARE believes quality education can only be provided by motivated, intelligent and well trained teachers. CARE has focused to train CARE High School # 6, Gujranwala teachers in subjects of Urdu & English. All primary teachers and high school subject teachers were trained regularly since the start of 2015.

English reading competition and Urdu reading competition was held and prizes were distributed among the winners.

Iqbal Day was celebrated to instill in students a sense of patriotism and inform them about the national heroes of Pakistan.

Future Goals and Requirements

CARE High School # 6, Gujranwala needs to improve in terms of students passing rates. Our goal is to achieve 100% result among board students.
A separate new electricity connection is required for the school which would cost around Rs. 550K.