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SADIL-TOGO - All 11 students successfully completed their first year of studies; 10 new scholarships granted for 2016-2017

15 Jan, 2017

In 2015, McKinsey for Children provided university and vocational training scholarships for a first group of eleven students that have been supported by SADIL-TOGO. These eleven young students (five boys and six girls) come from disadvantaged and poor families, and have been supported by SADIL-TOGO since 2008. As part of the “Education Pour Tous” program, SADIL-TOGO provided financial and coaching support to help these students to help them finish their secondary school. With the support of McKinsey for Children, six of the eleven students (of which two girls) are now enrolled at the University of Kara in northern Togo and five are enrolled at the Sokodé Computer Center for Vocational Training and Counseling (CIFOP). Throughout the academic year, SADIL-TOGO closely monitored performance and provided intensive coaching. Performance during the first year has been excellent: all students passed their final exams and have started their second year of studies in September 2016. Five of the students did an 8-10-week internship in a computer center in Tchamba and Sokodé during the summer holidays, in order to build their professional experience. In addition, all students have expressed their excitement about the program and their sincere gratitude towards SADIL-TOGO and McKinsey for Children.
In September 2016, a second group of 10 students (four girls and six boys) was added to the program with help of McKinsey for Children. This group finalized their secondary school and have now moved to Kara and Sokodé to continue their studies. These students will benefit from the same SADIL-TOGO support and coaching as the first group.