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Shanti Bhavan joins in Cantor Fitzgerald

10 Dec, 2015

We were proud to have Padma Lakshmi represent Shanti Bhavan in Cantor Fitzgerald’s Charity Day on Friday, September 11th.
Padma spoke eloquently and passionately on behalf of our children and their successes, along with Shanti Bhavan’s Directorof Operations, Ajit George, and long-time supporter, William Collins, for the annual Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day. Padma manned the phones at Cantor Fitzgerald’s New York offices, selling stocks and making trades, all in the name of Shanti Bhavan and the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund. This was Shanti Bhavan’s first year at the Charity Day fundraiser, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been part of this special event. Originally founded to assist the families of the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald and 61 Eurobrokers employees who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001, the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund has since expanded its mission to include hundreds of charitable institutions around the world, including Shanti Bhavan.