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Shantibhavan: Board exams - The start of something new and exciting

28 May, 2015

The air was heavy with anxiety as the results of the Board Exams were finally announced on the 18th of May, 2015. The hard work put in by 12th and 10th graders who took the ISC and ICSC national examinations paid off as everyone passed in flying colors. All in the 10th grade received First Class, with a majority of them having distinction. In the 12th grade, all but two children passed in First Class.

“I did not expect to get 80s especially as my subjects were very tough,” said 12th grader, Nanda Gopal, who aspires to one day study engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology. He hailed as the highest scorer in his class with an overall average of 86% in the science stream.

Nanda’s classmates, Kumari Renuka and Aravind Disilva ranked as the toppers in the Arts and Business streams respectively. Their parents and well-wishers are extremely proud of them as they are the first in their families to compete academically on a national level and come out successful. Their performance on the ISC exams is extremely crucial as it paves the way for getting into top colleges anywhere in the country, making it possible to have a good career and a bright future. Needless to say, the entire batch immediately received admission in the top colleges in Bangalore — Mount Carmel, Christ University, St. Josephs and Jyoti Nivas.The 10th graders were not any less proud of their results on the ISCE (Indian Secondary Council of Education) examination. Vijay Kumar Prakash and Lakshya topped the class with an overall average of 90 percent. Nearly half the class got over 90% in computer science and the others were not far behind with grades above 85 percent.

This is the start of something new for every child. For the 12th graders, the next phase of their journey begins as they leave Shanti Bhavan after living and studying at Shanti Bhavan for fourteen years. “I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I look forward to everything that comes my way in my college life,” says 12th grader, Sowmani, with a bright smile.