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Shantibhavan - The Chicago Connection: Tufaan, IDS & NPR Radio

26 Mar, 2015

March 2015 was when Chicago came closer to Shanti Bhavan. Earlier in the month, Dr. Nila Vora and Mr. Nilesh Kothari from India Development Service (IDS), Chicago, visited our school. For nearly twenty years, IDS has been investing seed money in service and development projects across India, and has brought to Chicago dozens of global activists who work in India to make the world a better place. IDS have been one of the earliest supporters of Shanti Bhavan.

NPR radio broadcasted a 25 minute segment of its visit to Shanti Bhavan as part of the World View Radio Program. It was exciting to hear our founder, Dr. Abraham George talk about the mission of the school. “I hope each child carries a hundred more forward,” he said in a hopeful tone. Some of the children and graduates shared their experiences as students and employees of top international firms in Bangalore. Listen to the PBS broadcast below:

But this was not enough. These exciting events were followed by two of the 11th graders — Rahul Mahadevan and Ruby Joy – make a trip to Chicago to partake in the Tufaan dance festival organized by students of Northwestern University.

Tufaan Entertainment is a philanthropic student organization that presents talented South Asian performers from across the country in an intercollegiate dance competition. But for the cold weather, Rahul and Ruby are having a great time.

Thank you, Chicago, the city of our dreams!