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Shantibhavan - Meet Our New Preschoolers!

25 Sep, 2015

Our new batch of Shanti Bhavan Preschoolers are here! These 26 boys and girls come from local villages and towns surrounding Shanti Bhavan and Bangalore, in both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. According to Auntie Raji, Shanti Bhavan’s matron of caregivers, the parents of these new children are happy to give their child a fresh start: “They are 100% confident that their child will be well looked after and become someone great!”

The Preschoolers have now been at Shanti Bhavan for nearly 2 months and are adjusting very well. They are learning to introduce themselves in English, to sing nursery rhymes and songs, and practicing good manners. A day in the life of a Shanti Bhavan Preschooler includes a variety of fun enrichment activities such as PT on the playground, listening to stories read by volunteer teachers, English lessons, nature walks, and watching educational videos. It is an exciting and rewarding time for these new Shanti Bhavan children!

Here is a little video of our kids practicing Rolly Polly as they learn English!