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Two Shanti Bhavan girls visting the US

01 Mar, 2018

For Shree, it’s her very first time to America, but Visali visited in 2014 when she spoke at Carnegie Hall as a Glamour Woman of the Year. Along the way, they will visit Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

On Saturday, March 24th in Chicago Shree and Visali will be featured speakers at Northwestern University’s Bollywood dance competition, Tufaan. They will share their lives and dreams for the future with an audience of a thousand people! All proceeds from the competition will be donated to Shanti Bhavan.

In Seattle on Saturday, March 31st Shree and Visali, along with Director of Operations Ajit George, kick off an event with a light lunch during which the students will share their stories and the impact that Shanti Bhavan has had on their lives. Guests are invited to stay for a special screening of the first episode of Daughters of Destiny, a documentary which depicts how the unique educational model of Shanti Bhavan equips its students to break the cycle of poverty.

Finally, Shree and Visali visit New York on Tuesday, April 3rd at the Papillon Bistro and Bar, along with Ajit George and other members of the Shanti Bhavan team.