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Aiducation International

Aiducation International provides merit-based high school scholarships for financially disadvantaged students in developing countries. The organization is based on the belief that giving today's most talented students a chance to fulfil their ambitions is the best way to empower tomorrow's professionals to make a significant contribution to their community. The scholars supported are the future professors, doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs who will shape the future of their country.

Aiducation International's approach to scholarships is unique – the underlying principles to achieve maximum social impact are the following:

  • Aiducation International invests all donated funds in school fees for high school (all public, good quality boarding schools)
  • The scholarships are granted based on financial need, academic excellence, and a strong intrinsic motivation to get involved in their country/community
  • Donors personally choose the scholar, they wish to support and receive continuous progress reports throughout the four years of high school
  • Aiducation International runs mentorship academies twice a year to inspire our scholars, develop their career-building skills, and further strengthen their initiative-taking mindset

Aiducation International is active in Kenya, and has fundraising chapters in Switzerland, Germany, and the UK. The organization is currently launching operations in the Philippines and will start supporting students near Manila through a cooperation with a local organization.

To date the overall organization has raised scholarships for more than 468 students, out of which McKinsey for Children has financed 40. The first group of scholars has graduated from the program, most of them with outstanding results that enable them to earn competitive scholarships provided by the government allowing to continue with University. One graduate has even met the very high entry standards for the ALA program (another high-impact education initiative that McKinsey for Children supports).