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Asha Jyothi

Prevent trafficking of poor children/orphans and re-integrate them into school by covering tuition fees

The Asha Back to School and Asha Tuition Centers initiatives are part of a comprehensive approach aimed at providing a future to poor Indian youth.

How the initiative makes a difference

The Asha Jyothi Back to School program prevents trafficking of poor children in India by covering their tuition fees and allowing them to return to school after having pulled out due to financial reasons, often after the loss of a parent.

In addition, the Asha Jyothi Tuition Centers provide 2 hours of daily tuition to about 675 children (65% of these from the Back to School program) who might drop out of school as their parents are unable to help them with the studies. More than 97% of reintegrated children are successful in school and on average outperform their peers.

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How we engage

With McKinsey for Children’s support, Asha Jyothi has helped a cumulated total of >870 students return to school since March 2011. McK4C sponsors the education of 275 underprivileged children of single mothers per year. We also covers the cost of 8 of the 25 Asha Jyothi Tuition Centers.

Why it matters

Private schools are the only viable option for children in the Hyderabad area as public schools are of poor quality and taught in vernacular language instead of English. Despite a good performance, many children are unable to continue schooling for financial reasons. Once on the street, the children can easily become victims of human trafficking.