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Direkthilfe Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. The nation struggles to recover from a civil war and suffers from constant political uncertainty. A multi-ethnic country, Nepal is facing a long and difficult road on its journey to becoming a proper democracy. In cooperation with the German organization Direkthilfe Nepal e.V., McKinsey for Children supports the Janata English School in Amppipal, a village in a remote region of the Gorkha District. Founded in 2008, the school is run by the community, and currently consisting of 180 children and 10 teachers. The children are taught in English and at a better teacher-student ratio than that of the local village schools. This results in a much higher quality of education. Care providers in the integrated nursery are teaching according to the Montessori method and the goal is to extend this teaching method to all grades. McKinsey for Children funds school fees and school uniforms for 10 children, who live under the poorest of social conditions and who would not have received a proper education otherwise, as well as food for their families. In addition, McKinsey for Children funds a weekly fresh, healthy school meal for all students. Direkthilfe Nepal e.V. supports an additional 15 children, helps with teachers' salaries, and provides renovation costs for the school building.