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Mianwali, Pakistan

Providing education to the underprivileged youth of the city of Mianwali

Mianwali Education Trust College (MET) is a non-profit institution, whose mission is to provide the right of quality education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

How the initiative makes a difference

Mianwali Education Trust is operating with the objective of making quality education accessible to children of disadvantaged backgrounds in the city of Mianwali, Pakistan. Starting with 5 students and 3 teachers, the school now consists of over 1000 students along with 60 teachers and supporting staff. Out of the total number of students, 44% are on subsidized fees. Potential students who cannot afford the tuition fee of approximately $26 per month are offered full scholarships.

The scholarship program offers children a full or partial subsidiary, dependent on the family income per month. The children are being taught both in English as well as Urdu, the mother tongue of Pakistan. As the people of Mianwali are only accustomed to the local language of Siraiki, this provides scholars from this small rural district in Pakistan the opportunity to travel to the United States for further education and study abroad programs.

How we engage

McKinsey for Children has been a stable source of financial funding for the scholarship program at MET since 2012. The funding is used to provide full scholarships to 130 students at Mianwali Education Trust College per year.

We also support the MET’s Milk and Biscuit Program, which started during the initial years of the institution’s development. As many of the children do not have enough to eat at home to sustain them throughout the day, the program provides a glass of milk and a pack of biscuits every day to the full scholarship children. While the biscuits are provided free of cost by LU Biscuits Pakistan, the daily milk is secured by our funding.

Why it matters

The city of Mianwali is a marginalized area of Punjab, Pakistan. A fifth of the one million people living in this district reside in urban settlements. The majority of the population live below the poverty line and have remained poor over the centuries due to lack of education and vocational skills. Therefore, quality education is beyond reach for the children of Mianwali unless it is subsidized. Children who seek to join the institution derive from homes of extreme poverty with an average household size of 7, which makes it extremely difficult for each child to have a fair opportunity at gaining the right of education without access to any subsidiary.