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In Togo, West-Africa, 70% of the population lives on less than $2 per day and 62% of the population is aged below 24. With a largely rural economy and a malfunctioning government, access to education is not a given for many of the young people in Togolese society. The group of children most vulnerable and with the least chances of education are orphans and children that got involved in child trafficking.

The idea

Located in rural Central Togo (5 hours from the capital Lomé), SADIL-TOGO supports this most vulnerable group of children with access to education. SADIL-TOGO's ultimate goal is to not only give these children education, but to help them build a good basis to earn a sustainable income in the future. We currently support ~250 children in primary and secondary school, and 25 children with university scholarships.

Our contribution and relationship

Co-founder of SADIL-TOGO and McKinsey Amsterdam alumnus Jacob Roex has been on the ground many times and is passionate about helping these kids to develop. He proposed this project to McKinsey -for-Children.
Since 2015, McKinsey-for-Children supports a group of 25 students with a 3-4 year scholarship for university or a practical education (covering school fees, school supplies, accommodation and food). SADIL-TOGO ensures close mentoring and coaching, and helps to create connections with the job market. All 25 students have expressed their sincere appreciation to McKinsey-for-Children for this opportunity to learn!